Photo Rights

An extended explanation of photo rights will be provided at a later time.

Bands may use photos as long as they keep the credit on the image.  Some photos may include photographer credit as well, and the same principle applies.  If a band featured in an photo wishes to use such photos for other purposes (CD Artwork, Tshirts, other merchandise) and desires to modify them for this purpose, please contact so we may discuss such rights issues.  We are generally happy to work with bands on such projects.

There are usually more photos available than the ones posted.  Posted photos are usually displayed in their raw form, with photo credit added.  Some photos are not posted because they did not turn out well or someone in the picture is making an awkward face or gesture.  We seek to represent bands and audience with dignity, as they should be treated.  Photos may be lightened, darkened, cropped, or may have effects added, but it is not practical to do this with every photo taken before posting.  We emphasize quality, but we take a large quantity of photos.