Society’s Downfall


“Societys Downfall” is an Orlando-based punk band formed in 2009 by original members Joseph Lombardo (“Joey Downfall”) and Michael Wright (aka “Miles Away”). Within six months–and with eight songs completed–they decided to add a drummer. Richard Cardano (“Beep, Beep Richie”) was selected after numerous auditions, and then came the formation of the band “Societys Downfall”. With their drummer on board, next position left to be filled was that of vocalist. Dylan Sanchez (“Dirty Sanchez”) was chosen for that role. Things were coming together for Societys Downfall as they started working on their first album entitled “Don’t Be A Victim”. As suddenly as their music began to come together, their band dynamics began to fall apart. Certain members succumbed to their various addictions and demons, and disagreements over artistic direction soon ensued. Restructuring the band began in 2010 with new guitarist/ vocalist Nash Taylor (“Nash” of Danny Z & the Bone Collectors), and drummer Shawn,former drummer for (Mr Yuck and the Poison Controll), and the addition of vocalist Alex Gentry (“Lex” of Pop Suicide). With the band’s reformation, work on “Don’t Be A Victim” resumed. The album is expected to be released at the end of 2010.

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