-“First of all, I’d like to say that whoever packaged this record has got to be the chain-smokingest son of a bitch who ever lived. This record reeks of cigarettes. It’s crazy. Anyway, this more or less sounds like what you would probably expect from a band that calls themselves Super Aids. New Bomb Turks fingerprints are all over this thing, with forays into Dwarves and Zeke territory: metal-tinged punk rock’n’roll, with song titles like “Rock ‘n Roll Tits,” “Girls Are For Faggots,” “Nuke ‘Em All,” etc. Certainly juvenile, occasionally entertaining. This sounds like the kind of thing that would likely best be experienced live with your buddies, throwing around cheap beer in the air, while trying to avoid the knucklehead contingency that I’m sure follows these guys around. Seven songs in total, released on Ripping Records out of Orlando. Comes on clear blue vinyl.” –RazorCake, Jeff (7″ Self-titled, Ripping) SUPERAIDS EP – “This record looks to be songs cherry picked from their killer CD released a while back (the recording was done in 2005). If you missed that, get this now, especially if you’re hankering for some twisted, snotty, asshole rock-n-roll. Florida did these guys wrong and it shows in their music and outlook. Mix some GG Allin with NECROS garage-core and you got these guys. Songs like “Rock-n-Roll Tits” sum up these degenerate turn on-s and turn offs. Filthy Florida punk rock!!! (Short, Fast, & Loud) -“Along with Libyan Hit Squad and Recycled Ruins, Orlando’s Super Aids fuel the fire of Florida punk rock . . . . “Tough Guy” starts and stops like Damaged-era Black Flag while “Nuke ‘Em All” has the frenzied speed of Boston hardcore. Meanwhile, “Rock ‘n Roll Tits” and “I Just Wanna Kiss You Tonight” could pass for Humpers outtakes. It’s nice to hear punk bands that aren’t fashion oriented or recycling the same Exploited riffs over and over again.” -Big Takeover Magazine, Chuck

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