Disfunction (Horrorpunks in 21)




Hardcore Horror-Punk & Necro-Viral Thrash!
Disfunction (aka Horrorpunks in 21) is an original horror-punk/thrash band from Orlando, Florida. Originally started by Josh and Seth as a sponsored skateboarding team, they eventually picked up musical instruments and had several lineup changes along the way, even temporarily operating as a trio for a year by replacing guitar with only distorted bass.

Disfunction is the reigning original horror-punk band on the thrashier hardcore punk side of the genre in Orlando, FL. They are influenced heavily by the music of The Misfits, Balzac, Bad Brains, The Germs, DRI, Samhain, and various 80s hardcore & punk bands and local bands like RunnAmuckS, Superaids, and the Products.

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