The Products



In the hostile confines of a shitty class somewhere in the middle of Florida, a drummer and a guitarist sat indignantly being forcefed pointless babble from a sexless old battle-axe of a professor. The drummer noticed the arcane lyrical ability of said guitarist and soon they both ejected themselves from this embryonic waste of time that was known as freshman comp.

A few months later, in a dirty little dive once known as Will’s pub, they met again and began to forge the girders that a band would be built on. A month or so of playing would find a guitarist frustrated from lack of inspiration. The music was too metal. yar.

Then, in January, these two would meet again at another dive and an idea that would later be The Products was formed. The two began to write music immediately, drawing from punk, metal, and even old outlaw country influences, but something was missing. Drums and guitar were good together but something was lacking.

The bass guitar.

The search began online. An ad was posted. A college student with an attitude replied tentatively:

“i play bass. im a punk. i haven’t used this site or anything before, so i dont really know how this crap works. I just stumbled across this while doing online traffic schools. disregard this if your some lame ass emo band who misuses the word ‘punk’.”

Ahh, this was what we were looking for, a pissed off punk rocker.

Maybe… one could never be too sure. Some people think Green Day is punk…

So the guitarist and his girlfriend met up with this guy at a place that had a prerequisite for a meeting place:


Recollection seems to indicate the bass player was wearing a GBH shirt.

Good choice.

One practice later and his fit was assured. He was The Bass Player. Three and a half months and 10 or 11 songs later, The Products played their first show on June 16th, 2007.

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